Fender Single Coil vs Duncan Lil 59 Bridge Shootout!

Fender Single Coil vs Duncan Lil 59 Bridge Shootout! from youtube by theabsentee
featured video : 5 neck single coil pickup on 5 guitars (fender, seymour duncan, stock sx)
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Sounds start at 0:27

Hey there!

I recently got a Seymour Duncan Lil 59 to replace the single coil bridge pickup in my Fender American Standard Strat. In my research to find the right "mini bucker", I came across several great demos of the Lil 59, but it was hard to find one comparing it to the stock Fender single coil. As I greatly enjoy (and spend way too much time) watching gear demos, I thought I would contribute with this shootout!

Keep in mind this is my first demo video (:

My opinion: I mostly use the bridge pickup for gain and neck and middle pickups for cleans. I was getting tired of the 60 cycle hum when I had my gain on and I wanted a more humbucker sound for gain also. The Lil 59 is, in my opinion, the perfect solution and I highly recommend it.

Gear used:
Fender American Strat
Orange Micro Terror (12AT7 tube swap)
Randall 4x12
Lexicon Alpha